Why does my berkey water smell bad?

Recently while discussing the query regarding alkaline Berkey water, I come across a query: Why does my berkey water smell bad? Therefore, I have decided why not to see this query in detail. So let’s start:

My Quick Opinion:

One of the primary reasons your purified Berkey water may smell unpleasant over time is due to stale water sitting in the chambers. Much like how odors can develop in any standing body of water that isn’t refreshed regularly, the confined space inside the Berkey is also susceptible.

To prevent this, it’s important to replace the filtered water every 3-4 days. You’ll also want to thoroughly clean the chambers each time to remove any residual mineral deposits or organic matter that bacteria could feast on. Even a small amount of leftover residue provides an ideal breeding ground.

Another common culprit is old filter elements. As they continually purify water over months of use, pathogens and sediments inevitably accumulate on the porous surfaces. This trapped debris offers an odor-causing bacteria a cozy home to multiply.

The recommended 6-month replacement schedule seeks to avoid this, but depending on water quality and usage, filters may need swapped even sooner. Give them a scrub with vinegar or bleach to remove stuck-on gunk if cleaning alone doesn’t do the trick.

Of course, if the source tap water being filtered smells too, no amount of cleaning will fully solve the issues. Testing for contaminants like sulfur, rotten eggs, or plankton blooms provides insight into pre-treating the water before it encounters the Berkey.

With proactive maintenance of replacing stale water, deep cleaning surfaces, timely filter replacements, and addressing source water concerns, you can keep enjoying the benefits of purified Berkey H20 without any unpleasant odors!

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