Why does core water have a big cap?

Recently, I came across a reddit query and many users were interested in knowing “why does core water have a big cap.” And the comments shared there were mostly incorrect. Therefore, I thought why not to take this topic and and discuss the core water bottle cap purpose. 

The Quick Answer:

Well the following are the few reasons why does core water have a big cap:

1. Enhanced Drinking Experience: The primary purpose of the big cap is to provide consumers with an improved drinking experience. The larger size of the cap allows for a wider opening, making it easier to drink directly from the bottle. This design promotes convenience and encourages users to consume the water directly without the need for additional cups or glasses.

2. Easy Opening: The larger cap size of Core Water allows for easier opening and closing of the bottle. This can be especially convenient for people who may have difficulty gripping or twisting smaller caps.

3. Improved Grip: The big cap provides a larger surface area for users to hold onto, offering a better grip when opening or closing the bottle. This can be beneficial for individuals who have limited hand strength or dexterity.

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4. Brand Identification: The large cap serves as a distinctive visual element that helps Core Water stand out in a crowded market. By having a unique and recognizable cap design, Core Water differentiates itself from other bottled water brands on store shelves. The intention is to capture consumers’ attention and generate brand recognition through the distinct appearance of the bottle.

5. Marketing Appeal: The large cap design of Core Water bottles may also have a marketing appeal. It can be seen as an innovative and eye-catching feature that sparks curiosity and interest among consumers. The intention behind this design choice is to create a positive brand image and attract consumers who are seeking a refreshing and convenient water-drinking experience.

Hence, these are the few reasons behind it.

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