Does Berkey make water alkaline?

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Yes, Berkey water filters can make water more alkaline.

The Berkey filters that contain manganese, specifically the black filtration elements, are able to modestly raise the pH of water during the filtration process.

This is due to a chemical reaction that occurs as water passes through the manganese media. Manganese ions are exchanged for hydrogen ions in the water molecule. This reduction in hydrogen ions causes the pH to increase, making the filtered water mildly more alkaline.

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On average, the alkalinity increase from a Berkey black filter is estimated to be between 0.5 to 1.0 pH points. So a source water with a pH of 7 could potentially be raised to a pH of 7.5 after filtering.

So in short, while Berkey filters do not raise the pH as dramatically as alkaline water ionizers. But the inclusion of manganese in the black filter formulation does provide the ability for the filtered water to take on a slightly more alkaline quality compared to the original source water.

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