These are the best Water Softener System for Your Condo

In our previous article, while discussing the visibility of water softeners for condo, some of our readers asked us to recommend some of the best water softener system for condo. Therefore, based on their request, I have compiled a list of top-rated small water softeners for condos that are good choices from all aspects regarding budget, application, and usage. So what you say, let’s get started:

3 Best Water Softener System for Condo:

When it comes to recommending a product, my formula is simple straight forward. I don’t believe in writing fluff, and since I am a technical person, I do the research and present the best options for my users. Therefore, I have applied the same formulae here, too!

If you are a regular reader, then you already know much in-depth and detailed analysis about the various aspects of water softeners has been done on our website. So, extending on the same line, here are my top 3 picks for you:

FeatureOn The Go Water SoftenerMobile Water SoftenerVEVOR RV Water Softener
BrandOn The GoMobile-Soft WaterVEVOR
Water Softening Capacity (grains)800 gallons16,000 grains16,000 grains
Suitable for CondosYesYesYes
InstallationOutdoor faucet and garden hoseIncluded connection hosesQuality brass fittings and included hose
Water Quality ImprovementNoticeable improvementImprovement in washing and bathingImproved cleaning and reduced scaling
MaintenanceRecharging with salt and resin refill every few monthsA single charge lasts a month or moreManual salt regenerations
UsageCondos, RVs, and small living spacesRVs, boats, and other recreational vehiclesRVs, cabins, boats, or homes
Electricity RequiredNoNoNo

My Choice: On The Go Water Softener

On The Go Portable Water Softener is an excellent choice if you are looking for the best water softener system for condo. With years of experience with water softeners, I know how hard water from different areas leaves residue all over pipes, fixtures and also affects the soap and detergent effectiveness.

Installation is quite straightforward – You have to connect the inlet to the outdoor faucet and outlet to a garden hose. The softener tank size is perfect for your needs if you live in a condominium. It efficiently softens 800 gallons of water, which lasts almost a month on average. I also use it occasionally when filling up my hot tub to maintain proper water balance.

The water quality difference is noticeable right away. You no longer have to scrub hard to get rid of soap scum in the shower or rings around sinks. Clothes and dishes come out much cleaner with less detergent. It indeed reduces maintenance and extends fixture life in my RV. Recharging is simple, too, with quick salt and resin refill.

Portability is a big plus as we can easily take it along wherever we go. At just 17 pounds, it remains lightweight for setup anywhere. Build quality feels robust enough to withstand travel vibrations.

For me, its reasonable price point and ability to soften water temporarily or in small living spaces makes the On The Go portable softener a top choice. Its effective yet low-maintenance performance makes it a perfect choice to consider!


  • Compact and portable design
  • Simple to set up and use
  • Effectively softens water for showering, washing dishes etc.
  • Long-lasting salt cartridges
  • Excellent for RVs and temporary use


  • Requires replenishing salt tablets every few months
  • May take a couple cycles to fully treat extremely hard water.
  • Not a permanent whole-home solution

Amazon Choice: Mobile Water Softener:

If you are looking for small water softeners for condos, then Mobile-Soft Water 16,000 grain is a highly rated option for treating hard water issues.

Featuring a 16,000 grain resin capacity and NSF/ANSI 61-approved lead-free plastic fittings, this softener is suitable for reliably treating water from RVs, boats and other recreational vehicles.

Based on my observation it provides a noticeable improvement to washing and bathing experiences compromised by hardness.

The unit’s design allows for simple installation via its included connection hoses. The instructions that guide setup are very easy to follow and simple to apply too. As what I have noted, the fittings could be more durable for long-term use with regular connecting/disconnecting.

In addition, this small water softener for condos is capable of lasting a month or more of regular water use with a single charge. This showcases the unit’s effectiveness and value compared to replacement cartridges of alternative systems.

Though I have found that the softened water may take on a faint saltiness for drinking, most agree this is a minor trade-off for resolving other hard water woes like spotting and reduced cleaning agent performance.

Priced affordably, the Mobile-Soft Water portable softener offers a reliable solution for temporary hard water treatment needs. Its high-performance ratings and longevity per charge make it a recommended option worth considering.


  • Affordable price point
  • Capable of treating large water volumes
  • Noticeably improves cleaning and bathing.
  • Instructions guide simple installation
  • Long-lasting resin capacity


  • Fittings could be more durable for frequent use
  • Softened water may develop slight salty taste
  • Not intended for permanent home installation

Budget Friendly: VEVOR RV Water Softener:

VEVOR is a compact water softener for condo and is a relatively new product with much to offer in terms of budget and efficiency.

With a 16,000 grain capacity and food-grade resin that requires no electricity, this softener promises to treat a significant volume of water before needing salt regeneration. Moreover, as per my observation, the installation appeared simple thanks to quality brass fittings and included hose.

Based on my review, it has clear instructions that guide setup within minutes.

As per the expected results, you can expect an immediate improved cleaning and bathing experience as hardness is removed. Mineral staining and scale buildup are also reduced, as per my observation.

The unit’s all-manual design allows you to use it anywhere, making it suitable for RVs, cabins, boats or homes. While the setup is facile, over 30 lb weight may be bulky for storage in smaller vehicles.

However, most agree the VEVOR softener is highly effective at mitigating hard water problems for its reasonable price point. Its ability to run solely on manual salt regenerations provides sustainable long-term use.

If you ask my opinion, this portable softener system appears reliable in treating water issues both outdoors and at home installations. For those needing a low-maintenance option, the VEVOR softener seems to deliver quality performance.


  • Simple installation with quality brass fittings
  • noticeably improves cleaning and reduces scaling
  • Treats large water volumes on a single salt charge
  • Requires no electricity for fully manual operation
  • Clear instructions guide setup in minutes


  • Heavy at over 30 pounds for transport
  • It may be bulky to store in smaller spaces
  • Only holds salt regeneration; no alternative media
  • Too large for connection to outdoor spigots/faucets


In summary, when it comes to addressing hard water concerns in your condo or small living space, the On The Go, Mobile-Soft Water, and VEVOR water softeners offer versatile solutions. You can rely on the On The Go, enjoy improved water quality with the Mobile-Soft Water, or opt for the budget-friendly VEVOR – all promising the convenience of soft water in your compact environment.

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